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Frequently Asked Questions for Classess

What is the inclement weather policy?

Montgomery County Recreation Classes: If Montgomery County schools are closed or delayed... all FUNFIT TOTS classes are cancelled. Howard County Recreation Classes: Please call the Inclement Weather Line at 410-313-4451 to check Closure Status. McLean Community Center Classes (VA): If Fairfax County Schools are closed, classes are cancelled. If schools are delayed, classes are held. Fairfax County RECenter Classes: Please call the Inclement Weather Line at 703-324-8661 to check Closure Status.

Are there age requirements for classes ?

Yes, yes, yes. Children must be the minimum age required in the class description, when classes begin. Our Tots classes recommend your child be walking.

Is a parent required for every child?

Concerning Funfit Tots Classes: Each child participating in a Funfit® Tots class must have an adult participating with them. Adults are required to participate in every activity in these classes. Please remember this is a fitness class that will benefit both you and your child. Adults should consult their physician concerning fitness. The Funfit® Classes for 1-4yrs allows one adult to participate with more than one child within the same family. CONCERNING ALL CLASSES: We are all about Family Fitness, so if you would like to participate in any class with your child, you are more than welcome. Parents of Multiples: Twins: Parents may have one adult to one set of twins as long as parent is able to assist with both children; Triplets or higher: At least 2 adults should be participating for maximum enjoyment and safety of your children and all the other children in the class.The family that plays and stays active together today, stays healthy forever.

Are there any forms I need to use to register?

Yes, you will need to fill out an Emergency Form to register. County Rec locations are registered through the County they're offered by. School registrations differ by school.

Can I register for a class at any time during the session?

It is recommended that you register for the entire session, as these classes are made to continually develop the skills of the participant. However sometimes you may need to join a class at a different time, in which case, YES you can. However, if there are more than half of the classes remaining in the session you will pay full price and can make-up missed classes. If the session is half-way over you may be able to be prorated for the missed classes and only charged for half of a session based on your county’s registration policy.

What should I wear to my Funfit Class?

Participants (parents & kids) should dress comfortably, and wear athletic shoes at all times. Please do not wear sandals or CrocsTM as they create a tripping hazard. We do a lot of running in this class.

Can I make-up a missed class?

We encourage you and your child to make-up any class you may miss during your session. This can be done at any of our class locations that are open to the public. All make-ups must be done during the current session you are registered for. Our liberal make-up policy will allow you to keep your child home when he or she is ill, without losing any of the classes you paid for. Please call us at 240-678-6685 to schedule your makeup.

Where are classes held?

Funfit® classes are held throughout Maryland and Virginia, in schools, day cares and your local recreation centers.

Do the activities change from session to session?

  1. Funfit Tots: Before we answer this question, let me tell you that the absolute best way for your child to learn is through repetition and the best way for them to gain their comfort level in a class, is through repetition. In fact, the best way for anyone at any age to master a skill is through repetition. For that reason and because we want your child to feel as comfortable as possible, learn as much as possible and enhance their skills and growth as much as possible, we keep many of the activities in the tots classes as repetitive as possible. Children thrive on routine and for that reason, we keep the routine of the class consistent from week to week. In other words, these classes are designed with your child in mind so that they receive the maximum benefits from each class that you and they participate in.
  2. Sports & Games are designed for 4 years up to 13. Activities in these classes always have a variety of games and activities in each class targeted to keep hearts pumping, keep brains learning and keep kids participating and having fun; and are specific to the abilities of the age group participating in the class.

Can I bring a sibling to class?

We know things come up, and you may find yourself needing to bring a sister or brother to class. He or she may attend if needed and may also participate if space allows. However if participating, please advise them that enrolled class participants have priority over equipment and games. Your signed liability waiver will also apply to all participants under your care. Infants in car seats are always welcome.

If I have further questions?

If you have any other questions concerning classes or anything else, please feel free to contact us by phone at 240-678-6685 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!