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Funfit® Parties

Funfit® brings all the fun to you! Have your child's party at home or at a rented facility. No matter where you decide to host your child's party, Funfit will bring the fun and high activity to your party, so that all kids and especially your child, have the best party a kid could ever have. Funfit Parties are available in the DC Metro area.

When kids get excited about being at a birthday party, they are full of excitement and lots of energy! Funfit specializes in leading fun, active games that are always age-appropriate for the birthday child and their guests and are always able to find fun ways for the kids to burn energy in an organized, active-fun way!


Party design:

Every Funfit party includes a variety of active games that are fun, all-inclusive and for the most part non-competitive. Sport-skills and game play can be requested for any party.

Themes include:

Sports & Games





Cognitive development: Emotional development, confidence, self-esteem, focus, memory, behavior regulation, language development, social skills, following instructions, staying on task, taking turns, independence, spacial awareness and an endless list of benefits from play (a child’s greatest way to learn).


Party offerings by age group: 


Funfit Tots: 

Open to all children ages 11 months to 4 years and their parents or caregivers.

Class are broken into age groupings of 11 months – 2years; 2-3 years; and family classes from 11months to 4 years. Offered at all County Recreation Centers & local schools.


Since repetition is the best way for toddlers to learn, feel comfortable and gain confidence in their abilities, Funfit Tots classes have many repetitive elements in each class, along with some new program and activity changes built in to each session.


Sports & Games: 5 - 12 years

A variety of fun, active game play including a lot of old favorites and new twists and new games that kids have never played before. Offered to Elementary aged students at local schools.

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Your Instructor:

Matt Swink | Director and Instructor

Matt has been with Funfit since he was in his mid-Teens and has grown to be one of our favorite instructors, as well as camp and party leader. Matt has now taken the reigns and is now not only our lead instructor but the Director of Funfit and the man in charge of all programming in Maryland & Virginia. Click below and get to know Matt.

YES! I want to have Funfit® at my party!

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours.

For faster Service call Matt 240-678-6685

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Alexander N.

Great class. Good introduction to social skills and coordination for toddlers.

Lisette L.

Olivia loves the parachute. She developed so much since she started your class. She follow directions. She comes home and pretends to be the teacher. She loves to sing and dance especially the hello song.

Haley C.

Celia, I'm so grateful for you, I haven't yelled in a whole week! I feel so much calmer. Thank you for this fun and amazing experience.

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