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Empower Your Kids

Empower: according to Webster… em·pow·er transitive verb \im-ˈpau̇(-ə)r\ : to give power to (someone)

It’s a new year and a new day to for a new start. There are so many ways to build your kids up & empower them, instead of tearing them down.

The way you speak to them, the things you do WITH them, the way you live your life as an example for them to follow. Empowerment leads to a lifetime of success, happiness and strength.

When speaking to your kids, use words that motivate, stimulate, and create thought. This can even be done when correcting your kids or setting boundaries.

Use thought-provoking conversations that encourage your kids to make wise decisions that are well thought out, instead of spur of the moment actions that may result in unwanted consequences.

Children really do mimick and learn from you; develop them, guide them, give them a strong path to grow on and you will see the success’ of your time and hard work in the adults that they become.

Please let me know of ways you have empowered your children to build their confidence, self-worth & self-esteem. You’ve got one chance to do it right, make it the best chance for your kids. They are our future and they are depending on all of us. We’ve got this!

Here’s an example of empowerment through music. Just watch this little champion. Ethan, a young man with autism, is pure joy and a true Champion!

Peace, Love, Laughter! ~ Celia Kibler

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