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Keeping Your Kids Energized

Keeping your kids alert and energized to start each and everyday is as easy as putting a few things together.

Healthy eating, exercise and a good nights sleep will do the trick. Keep healthy food items (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, etc) readily available for a child to easily reach for when they get hungry.

Tips for Keeping Your Kids Energized:

Encourage a healthy snack between meals, so that they get in the habit of eating smaller meals & more often during the day to keep energy levels high.

Give them time to run around. Play games, take walks, play catch, play tag, chase them around, anything to keep them moving for about an hour a day.

Do not allow computer or video game time right before bed. Electronics stimulate the mind and keep kids awake.

A nice story, relaxing bath, even a relaxing mommy, daddy & child talk in bed with all of you laying down will relax and help your child fall into a deep sleep.

Keep their rooms TV free, as that too can keep them awake. A quiet, dark (night lights are fine) peaceful environment to sleep in does the trick.

They will wake up super-charged and ready to start their day. Just remember, before they leave, a wholesome, sugar-free, breakfast puts their mind and body in motion. Let’s go!

Peace, Love, Laughter ~ Celia Kibler

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