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Focusing on the health & wellness of the whole family, with a holistic approach that nurtures each child, empowers parents so they empower their kids with knowledge and skills that enhance their growth and mental attitude.


Manners, kindness, and respect are encouraged in all programs. Respect for the environment, and bringing FUN back into family life by offering programs to include the whole family. If you want to get the most out of life and the most for your kids and get them started on the right path, join a Funfit Class or Camp today! Professional Instruction with the FUN built right in.

FUNFIT PROGRAMS are offered throughout the Maryland/Virginia Metro Area. CLASSES are offered right in your neighborhood through your local recreation department, schools, and daycares. CAMPS are located through various County Recreation Department Locations. Our PARTIES bring all the fun to you!



RAISING HAPPY TODDLERS:  How to Build Great Parenting Skills and Stop Yelling at Your Kids!

YOU can find joy, patience, calm and laughter while being the best parent you can be.  From certified child behavior expert, children with special needs educator, preschool and toddler teaching authority, mom of five (through a blended family) and grandma to nine, Celia Kibler, comes the must-have guide that all parents of toddlers need!

Parenting trends and fads come and go, but their ill-conceived teachings and poor priorities can have a drastic lasting effect on kids.  These trends contribute to children becoming entitled and out of control with little compassion, empathy, kindness, or self-regulation.

Through Raising Happy Toddlers, parents get back to the basics by:

  • learning tactics to follow through with intentional parenting

  • pro-active nurturing

  • ways to empower your kids and regain control

  • setting boundaries with consequences

  • teaching core values

  • understanding children’s limits

  • practicing patience

  • attention to emotional development

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Book a Free Session with Celia Kibler & let's dive into what is challenging you!

Author, Family Empowerment Coach & Co-Founder of Funfit®, Celia is on a personal mission to stop 1,000,000 parents from yelling at their kids. With over 40 years of kid experience under her belt, Celia Kibler, found there was not enough out there to help kids face the challenges that life puts in front of them. She works with parents to learn strategies & techniques that end the generational cycles of dysfunction & abuse, and create childhoods that everyone can blossom from.


Often referred to as the "Baby Whisperer", Celia's innate ability to know how kids think has brought her into a new direction and vision as she continues to develop her passion for children.



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