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Celia Kibler, the heart and soul behind Funfit Family Fitness, has encapsulated her rich trove of knowledge and experience in her series of books. Each publication is a lighthouse for families navigating the seas of parenting, wellness, and joyful family living.


With a blend of heartfelt insights, practical advice, and a dash of humor, Celia’s words are a warm embrace, guiding you through the beautiful chaos of raising happy, healthy, and harmonious families.

In the Classroom

Private Athletic Coaching*

Serving the Maryland/ D.C./Virginia Metro Area & for Children only

Unlock your child's full potential with our private sport and agility coaching services.


Tailored for kids, our expert coach provides personalized sessions to enhance your child’s athletic abilities, enhance skills, and build confidence.


Help your child build their own engaging journey towards physical fitness and skill development, while learning to be the best they can be and mastering what it takes to be a champion.

*Serving the Maryland/ D.C./Virginia Metro Area

Transform Your Child's Birthday

Funfit® Parties Ignite Joyful Memories and Active Discovery, Right at Your Venue.


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