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We Are Funfit

We're Revolutionizing Your Playtime & Physical Fitness with Interactive Experiences that Resonate Beyond the Screen.


Welcome to Funfit Family Fitness, started in 1987 by two sisters that always wanted kids to be safe, nurtured, healthy and loved.

Here your family’s journey towards holistic wellness and joy begins! Rooted in the core values of Peace, Love, and Laughter, we endeavor to provide a nurturing haven for families, fostering a culture of active living, joyful learning, and communal harmony.

At Funfit, every program is a blend of meticulously crafted activities designed to cater to both the bubbling energy of children and the wellness aspirations of parents. We believe in crafting experiences that resonate with joy, learning, and a sense of accomplishment, nurturing a lifelong love for active living, familial bonding, while building confidence and self esteem along the way.


Our seasoned instructors are not merely guides but companions in your family’s wellness journey, embracing a warm, inclusive, and engaging approach. Funfit is a space where each child’s individuality is celebrated, where parents find a supportive network, and where every day is a new adventure laced with fun, fitness, and hearty laughter.

About Funfit Family Fitness

Engage, Energize, and Elevate 

We believe every child's life should resonate with peace, love, and laughter. Our mission is to foster a holistic approach towards the health and wellness of children and families. By nurturing a blend of physical vigor and mental well-being, we aim to equip kids with the resilience to face life's hurdles, make enlightened decisions, and revel in their accomplishments.

Children in Indoor Playground

Embrace the Joy of Family Wellness


Our active play classes contribute to your child's peace by promoting physical well-being, releasing pent-up energy, and reducing stress. Classes enhances mood through the release of endorphins and fosters a sense of accomplishment, contributing to overall emotional balance and tranquility.


At Funfit, you're just not watching, you are participating with your child. We’re all about creating comfort for your child, as well as a loving space where you and your little ones can grow, play, and just be yourselves. Our programs are like a warm embrace, strengthening the special bond between you and your child.


Get ready for a laughter riot at Funfit! Our classes are packed with fun moments that’ll have you and your kiddos giggling away.


We believe that laughter really is the best medicine and when laughter happens, learning and comfort follows.

Meet the Visionaries

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