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About Funfit Family Fitness


Peace, love and laughter

is what all children's lives should be filled with. At Funfit Family Fitness we take a holistic approach to the health and wellness of kids and families. Through a healthy mind and healthy body, kids can grow to face any challenge, make wise decisions and learn to celebrate their successes.


Funfit Family Fitness provides kids with the tools they need to become healthy, active and happy adults, in a positive, accepting atmosphere. It all combines to empower the next generation through the love, support and energy of this generation.

Our satellite locations

for our younger children provide fitness & growth programs that allow for parent participation, as well as a fun, high-energy experience, and instills a lifetime love of fitness & health at the starting years of childhood. These locations also allow for outreach into our communities.



Celia Kibler

Co-Founder of Funfit Family Fitness

With over 30 years of kid experience under her belt, Celia Kibler, co-founder of Funfit Family Fitness, found there was not enough out there to help kids face the challenges that life puts in front of them.


Often referred to as the "Baby Whisperer", Celia's innate ability to know how kids think has brought her into a new direction and vision as she continues to develop her passion for children.


Celia is now available for Parent Coaching (either private or group), offers many ways to obtain free advice through her personal website ( and her FB Live broadcasts and FB Group, or sign up for a 60 minute free consultation through the coaching tab on her website.

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Alexander N.

Great class. Good introduction to social skills and coordination for toddlers.

Lisette L.

Olivia loves the parachute. She developed so much since she started your class. She follow directions. She comes home and pretends to be the teacher. She loves to sing and dance especially the hello song.

Haley C.

Celia, I'm so grateful for you, I haven't yelled in a whole week! I feel so much calmer. Thank you for this fun and amazing experience.



Marianne Franzese Chasen MA, RDT

Advisor to Funfit Family Fitness

Marianne began developing the unique Kid Esteem approach in 1995, as the oldest of her four children took her first steps into the world of social interaction and emotional expression. Her original techniques utilize theatrical intrigue, role play and creative arts adventures to keep children engaged, excited and invested in the process.


Almost twenty years and four books later, Marianne has served thousands of Long Island children and families with groups like Peace Inside Me Anxiety Management, If You're Angry And You Know It, Girl Power and Making Friends Social Intelligence Skills, empowering positive self-expression, increasing social skills and ability, enhancing emotional intelligence, improving self-esteem and facilitating effective behavior management strategies through fun and creative programs that kids love to come to!

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